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World's Highest End Beef

Submitted by on Sat, 01/11/2014 - 17:14

The Japanese Wagyu cows are began in Kobe, Hyogo Japan. Kobe is the origination of the most legendary and delightful Japanese Wagyu beef.  The price of this legandary and the most delicious meat starts from well over $150 per pound. What is special about this meat, that makes it so pricey? This is the first question that comes into people's mind. Yes, it is very true that we all have the same question to answer. The reality is over $150 per pound is a very cheap price for real authentic Japanese Kobe Beef. There are several factors that make this meat very pricey.

Japanese Wagyu


Authentic Kobe Beef Wagyu Cattle that yields A5 grade marbling beef is extremely limited per year. Unfortunately, it is becoming less and less in Japan, as new Japanese Generation take control of the country. Japanese Wagyu Kobe beef is a very traditional beef that is extremely difficult to bear with the strict rules of Japanese government to raise a cattle for more than 3 years.


there are very strict rules to raise a Japanese Kobe Beef Wagyu Cattle in Japan. Some these rules are

1 - Keeping Tajima Kobe Beef Cattle more than  3 years is very hard and costly

2 - The Tajima Kobe Beef Wagyu cattle's blood line has to be lined up 100% with pure Tajima Wagyu cattle's blood line.

3 - There are strict rules in Japan for these Cattle feed, that had to meet the government criteria

4 - Wagyu Beef Cattle eats only organic and 100% natural feed that does not have corn or corn products in it

5 - Wagyu Cattle drinks beer and sake (Japanese alcohol) to relax, and not experience any stress

6 - Wagyu beef cattle owners give massage to help cattle to relax and not experience any stress and bad treatment.

7 - There are certain certifications that the cattle has to pass that is controlled by the Japanese government agencies

8 - The Kobe beef has to live longer than 1,000 days to be able to get the amount of marbling from a cow.

9 - In Japan, there are less than 3,000 Tajima cattle that supplies the meat for domestic need and international demand per year.


And many more other details that will make the list longer. All of these factors and many other factors make Tajima Kobe Beef 100% unique and costly. Especially, the number of cattle that raised by Japanese per year is so small that is very limited comparing to the demand in domestic and international level.


In Japan's domestic market, you will not be able to find Tajima A5 grade, less than $250 per pound. Since it is too pricey, it is available only on very high end department stores, and they sell it per 100gr which is less than 20% of a pound.


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