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The Brisket is the cut used historically in BBQ because it was cheap cut. Once's Wagyu Brisket barbecued, it offers some outstanding texture that is hard to find in any other brisket that anyone can purchase in retail.'s wagyu brisket is one of the best BBQ meats cuts that won in many BBQ Competitions with its rich marbling texture. Our brisket is the best, hands down cut that you will appriciate and order for your next competition or special events.

Brisket is a cut that is coming out of the breast, and best for smoking, and corned beef.

Old school style long hours slowly cooked brisket offers the tenderness and flavored of the BBQed dish for American BBQ fanatics. Select, Choice or Prime grade brisket cut offers less in marbling, which is lower grade brisket that has lean meat with least amount of marbling, and thin flat.'s Wagyu brisket offers outstanding amount of marbling, and a thick flat that has a fat cap that helps brisket to cook thorougly during the cooking process.

In south states such as Texas, and Florida, BBQ Brisket is a very popular dish where people love to eat.

Wagyu Brisket