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Hunts Point Teams Celebrate Strong Start to BBQ Season

Submitted by Johnny Love on Tue, 05/20/2014 - 00:00

Hunts Point Teams Celebrate Strong Start to BBQ Season

Grand Reserve Championship, Category Win in NYC; Other Wins in Eastern U.S. Comps

(May 14, 2014, Staten Island, New York)—Hunts Point-supplied teams roared out of the starting gate with a strong showing gate at the New York City BBQ Cookoff, a Kansas City Barbeque Society-sanctioned event held April 11-12 on Staten Island in Historic Richmond Town. Honors included the Grand Reserve Championship (2nd overall), as well as #1 and #3 in Pork Ribs, #2 in Pork Butt, and 4 of the top 5 places in Brisket. Also in April, Hunts Point meat helped the Smokin’ Skullies team win the Grand Championship and #3 Brisket at the BBQ Capital Cookoff in Lexington, North Carolina; other teams took top Brisket honors at the Iron Man BBQ in Pennsylvania and the Georgia State Championship. May has started off  with big wins for BBQ teams using Huntspoint Meat Company BBQ meats. 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th place brisket wins at various BBQ sanctioned events competitions this past weekend.  

“The quality of the meat I used from Hunts Point for my competition in Staten Island was phenomenal, almost as good as the service provided by Johnny Love himself,” said Doug Keiles, pitmaster of the Ribs Within BBQ Team, based in Hillsborough, NJ, which won the Grand Reserve Championship as well as #2 in Pork Butt and #5 in Brisket. Keiles also credits Ribs Within Rubs, created by the team and available through Hunts Point Meat Company at, which also helped Ribs Within to the Bacon World Championship title last fall in Las Vegas.

“The use of Hunts Point Meat Company meats and Ribs Within Rubs has helped create success for other teams as well, taking a 1st in Pork Ribs and a 4th in Brisket,” says Keiles. “I look forward to continued success using Huntspoint Meat Company - supplied meats.”

More - Hunts Point Teams Celebrate Strong Start to BBQ SeasonThree Men and a Baby Back, based in Bergen County, NJ, also had good results at Staten Island, taking first place in Brisket.

“Good quality meat gives us a solid foundation to execute championship BBQ. However, it is only one component,” says Three Men and a Baby Back pitmaster Dana Reed. “The other components are……. come on, you didn't think  I was going to give up our secrets, did you?”

(For those who want to hunt for clues, Reed invites you to the  Que at Rock, Ribs and Ridges in late June at the Sussex County Fairgrounds, Hudson Valley Ribfest in August , and to Red White and Que in Cresskill, NJ in early September.)

Michael Rosenthal, pitmaster and founder of Dr. Pearl's Medicinal Smoke Barbecue, LLC in Rutherford, NJ, brought home the best results of his relatively short competitive career: #1 in Pork Ribs and #4 in Brisket. Rosenthal gives credit to both the quality and consistency of Hunts Point meats, noting that while many suppliers have good meat, Hunts Point’s meat are always consistent in terms of cut, marbling, and fat content, which allows him to focus on the cook without worrying about the meat.


“I heard how well Hunts Point did last year, so I got a shipment before the season, tested it out a few times at home, and it was great every time,” says Rosenthal. “So I said OK—I can count on this, I’m getting more for Staten Island. I’m a little guy and I’m there with the big guys, teams

I’ve followed and heard about for years, and I win Pork Ribs and get a fourth in Brisket. I’m thinking wow, is this all it took?”

Rosenthal pauses and laughs. “I hope you guys aren’t going to tell everyone about this…”

Hunts Point Meat Companies “ Head Meat Master” Johnny Love says a lot of teams already know, but not everyone is telling:

“We had seven teams officially bring our meat to Staten Island, but I’m pretty sure there are more,” says Love. “People don’t necessarily give their team’s name when they order, so that their competition doesn’t know that Hunts Point Meat Company is part of their secret formula.”

Thankfully, that sentiment isn’t all that common in the share-the-love world of competitive BBQ.

“I just wanted to say thank you again and let you know that we took 2nd place in Brisket!” says Scott Kessler of the Big Boys BBQ Team, based in Milford, CT, which also took 4th in Pork Ribs. “We'll definitely be ordering from you guys in the future.”

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